How to make a cardboard rainforest

I took over as Education Officer at Penscynor Wildlife Park in November 1990. My first act was to beg my good friend Bernie Ryan to come down to Wales and help me out as a volunteer. Thankfully, he came. We were now, a ‘department’. I set about the important job of thinking up a name, ‘The Education and Bright Ideas Department’ seemed to be a good fit, so we went with that.

Our first bright idea was to transform a corner of the ‘Zoo Centre’ into a walk through rainforest exhibit made from recycled materials. Not only would this help in the teaching and public access sessions, but it would also be a fun art activity to add to the Rainforest teacher’s pack.

If you want to build your own cardboard rainforest, you’ll be pleased to know we made a leaflet that explains everything. Illustrations by Bernie Ryan.

When we switched over to using desktop publishing, the Rainforest leaflet is the first thing we redesigned to help us get to grips with the new software. I really liked the new design at the time, but looking back, I prefer Bernie’s original.

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