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Sense and response

During lockdown I’ve had time to prepare lots of lesson plans and resources. This one has had lots of positive feedback from colleagues and requests that I share it, so that’s what I’m doing.

This lesson, about how organisms sense changes in their environment (both internal and external) and respond, is suitable for combined science students and biology (separate science) students.

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How to make a cardboard rainforest

I took over as Education Officer at Penscynor Wildlife Park in November 1990. My first act was to beg my good friend Bernie Ryan to come down to Wales and help me out as a volunteer. Thankfully, he came. We were now, a ‘department’. I set about the important job of thinking up a name, ‘The Education and Bright Ideas Department’ seemed to be a good fit, so we went with that.

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So you think your feet are cold?

The next time you poke your one of your feet outside your nice warm bed in the morning and think it’s too cold to get up, just imagine being a reindeer, stuck outside, in the snow and ice, desperately looking for food in temperatures as low as -30°C.  There are a lot of people that don’t believe reindeer can fly, but to be honest, I find it pretty amazing they survive at all. Continue reading