Live Shows

Howie Watkins has been making science and nature accessible and above all fun for over twenty years. Whether in the woods, on the beach, on television or live on stage, Howie has a unique blend of science knowledge and performance skill that can enthral and amuse audiences of all ages and abilities. He is also a seasoned comedy actor and pantomime Dame.

A familiar face on the BBC1 and Discovery Animal Planet for a decade and still a regular contributor to radio programmes across the UK, Howie is instantly recognisable to a generation of children who grew up in the Nineties and their families.

Howie offers a range of lectures and shows that range from comedy and performance workshops (‘There ain’t nothing like a Dame – slapstick, make-up and bad jokes for beginners’) to wildlife and science lectures (‘Hearing in colour – an introduction to bioacoustics’, ‘Hair, prints and poo – an introduction to tracking mammals’, ‘There she blows – an introduction to spotting whales and dolphins’) with lots in between.

Howie likes writing shows to order. If you’ve got a theme or target audience in mind he’d rather create something special than give you something ‘off the shelf.’ Below are just five examples of popular shows that Howie regularly performs:

  • Become an instant wildlife expert
  • Talk to the animals
  • Rainforest experience
  • Beastly behaviour
  • Nature by design