For five decades, Penscynor Wildlife Park in south Wales was a much-loved day out for hundreds of thousands of people a year.

I was the Education Officer there for four years between 1990 to 1994. It was my first job after university and gave me a wonderful opportunity to develop performance, presentation and teaching techniques that I still use today.

In my filing cabinets and digital folders I have a substantial amount of archive material from those days. I’m gradually getting the stuff I think might be of interest to others online in the ‘Penscynor’ posts.

Latest posts

  • Sound ideas
    Exploring sound and waves doesn’t have to be all about oscilloscopes and diagrams of the ear, it’s a great opportunity for some arts-physics crossover. Here are some resources that I love. Thumpaphone …
  • Counting bubbles
    Recording the rate of photosynthesis by counting bubbles of oxygen being released from the cut stem of some upturned pondweed is a classic experiment (some would say a right of passage) for every biol …
  • Things I can’t believe I don’t need anymore – Garmin eTrex Euro
    I still can’t quite believe this day has come. I no longer need a piece of kit that was once a vital tool for my work and have admitted that it is time to say goodbye. But it’s not going in the bin… I …
  • Sense and response
    During lockdown I’ve had time to prepare lots of lesson plans and resources. This one has had lots of positive feedback from colleagues and requests that I share it, so that’s what I’m doing. This les …
  • Lesson – Sense and response
    Organisms have to react to change in their environment (both internal and external) to stay alive. This online lesson was written for GCSE science students. The lesson is suitable for combined science …

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