Response cards

I’ve just designed some new response cards to use in my classroom, and I like them so much that I’m seriously thinking of printing up a few hundred and selling them at cost (or thereabouts.) What are feedback cards? Why do I need them – and why might you? Good questions.

Feedback cards are a fast and effective formative assessment tool that allows a teacher to see answers from the whole class at once rather than the usual suspects. You can use them for fast and furious quizzes, misconception checks and quick polls. They are:

  • More fun than mini-whiteboards: they don’t require a large stock of working felt pens to function, don’t need to be cleaned, and easier to carry around between classrooms.
  • They’ll work in a power cut, don’t rely on technology, and are guaranteed not to crash.

They are pretty easy to make at home or in your lab (and there are plenty of templates on the web) so why buy some? Well, they’re easy to make, but they’re not quick to make, and they can be surprisingly expensive: the cost of coloured paper or card, laminating pouches for durability, etc. soon mounts up when you’re making enough cards for a class of thirty.

When I made my first set of cards I wanted them to last, so I laminated them. Unfortunately, I had to print them on paper so they’re still quite flimsy. My students loved using them, but I want something better, something more substantial.

My new designs are a little more ambitious. They’ll be colour printed with a gloss finish on both sides of substantial (600gsm), postcard-sized (A6) art cards. They’ll have die-cut rounded edges for comfort and safety.

A set of cards will contain 150 cards, 50 each of A/B, C/D and YES/NO. Each set will cost ¬£15 including postage. If you think you might like to order some, send me an email using the form below. If I get enough interest I’ll set up a Paypal link and let you know how to order and pay.

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