Penguin News Silver Jubilee

While looking through some files I came upon a copy of ‘Penguin News’, the newsletter of the Penscynor Penguin Club. The newsletter is dated 1991, twenty-five years ago! I hope any former Penguin Club members reading this post now feel as old as I do.

The Penguin club met at Penscynor wildlife park on alternate Saturday mornings. It was a mashup of a junior zoo club and a WATCH group for children and young people aged 8 to 16 years old. Every fortnight we would meet up at the Zoo Centre to do something in the zoo, the woods, the nearby ponds, or wherever else looked good that week (I had the club dig over my garden once).

The quality of sessions varied depending on how much preparation had been done and the amount of time myself and the other leaders had spent in the pub on Friday night. Generally, things usually went well.

I’ve scanned it, and you can download a copy if you’re feeling nostalgic. [PDF download]