The phases of mitosis – where eurcaryote cells (that’s animals, plants, fungi… but not bacteria and the other prokaryotes) divide to create two identical copies of themselves can be tricky to remember. To make learning sequences easier – I like to write poems and songs of little artistic merit. Here is my haiku cycle ‘Mitosis.’ I hope you enjoy it.

Interphase nothing
But no – DNA doubles
So on to prophase

Chromosomes contract
And spindles begin to form
So begins prophase

Chromatids now seen
Nucleolus disappears
Chromosomes shorten

On to metaphase
Chromosomes on equator
Centromeres attach

Early anaphase
Chromatids move towards poles
Because spindles pull

Chromatids at poles
Cell membrane invaginates
Telophase begins

In late telophase
Two daughters can now be seen
The cycle completes

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