New home for the Centre for Alternative Meteorology

The Centre for Alternative Meteorology (Neath) has moved to Teignmouth in Devon (UK). After some thought, we have decided that we should therefore change the name of this respected institution. Henceforth we will be known as, ‘The Centre for Alternative Meteorology.’ We are also in the process of moving and updating our website.


Hello and welcome to my website, or to be precise, my current website. This is where I am now posting all my latest news and information. I am also, gradually, transferring and updating all the material from a number of my older sites before I finally archive them.

I switched over most of the sites I write and manage for clients to content management ages ago but my personal site somehow got forgotten. Oh, the irony.


What’s your poison?

Drinking Alcohol, often to dangerous excess, is an accepted part of many people’s lives.  The pressure on those that do not drink, particularly the young, to “join in with the crowd” is immense.  Recent research shows that drinking by 12-20 year olds (particularly girls) is increasing, despite the efforts that are now being made to emphasise the hazards that young drinkers face: significantly higher chances of developing clinical depression, greater chance of causing permanent physical damage to their internal organs and increased likelihood of unwise, unprotected sexual activity (with the obvious consequences). Continue reading

So you think your feet are cold?

The next time you poke your one of your feet outside your nice warm bed in the morning and think it’s too cold to get up, just imagine being a reindeer, stuck outside, in the snow and ice, desperately looking for food in temperatures as low as -30°C.  There are a lot of people that don’t believe reindeer can fly, but to be honest, I find it pretty amazing they survive at all. Continue reading