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Time for a change…

I turned fifty this year. I thought of having a big party to mark the anniversary but decided instead to make this a year of reflection and change (with a big party at some point, obviously). So what am I doing?

I’m going back to university and am going to train to be a teacher (Secondary science – Biology).

Education, and working with children and young people, have been central to my career to date. I’ve done everything from impersonating penguins to abseiling down buildings in the name of education, but I’ve never been brave enough, to actually qualify as a proper teacher. Until now.

Some of my friends and colleagues will think this is an insane idea, however, I think most of them will probably think that this is something I should have done twenty years ago and it’s about time I came to my senses.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I need some help. Before my course properly starts at the end of September, I have to complete some work experience: one week in a primary school (KS2) and one in a secondary school (KS3-4 with at least half a day working with post 16). I’m posting this to ask my friends, colleagues, friends of friends and colleagues of colleagues (and anyone else who is interested) if they, or someone they know, would like me to hang around their classroom and follow them around for a week.

If you would like a free teaching assistant for a week in September, please get in touch. I’m looking to do five days in one school in w/c 16 September and another five days in a different school in w/c 23 September. I’m a Secondary Science (Biology) trainee but I’ve got quite a lot of KS2 experience too. I hold an Enhanced DBS and have an update subscription so checking me out is easy. I’m based in Devon, so if the school is not within commuting distance of Exeter I’ll have to sleep on your sofa!

Get in touch, office [at] howiewatkins [dot] co [dot] uk


Hello and welcome to my website, or to be precise, my current website. This is where I am now posting all my latest news and information. I am also, gradually, transferring and updating all the material from a number of my older sites before I finally archive them.

I switched over most of the sites I write and manage for clients to content management ages ago but my personal site somehow got forgotten. Oh, the irony.