Hello and welcome to my website, or to be precise, my new website. This is where I am now posting all my latest news and information. I am also, gradually, transferring and updating all the material from a number of my older sites before I finally archive them.

I switched over most of the sites I write and manage for clients to WordPress ages ago but my personal site somehow got forgotten. The irony of this is not lost on me.



British Isles Discovery Cruise

Gardening & Wildlife – Celebrating 80 years of BBC Horticulture

Fancy a lovely trip around the British Isles on a big ship in the company of myself and a flock, no surely a murmuration of gardening experts? Well you’re in luck! The Marco Polo will be departing London Tilbury on Saturday 29th of August for 9 nights (and a similar number of days) of discovery.

According to the brochure… This circumnavigation of the British Isles is a perfect chance to discover several of Britain’s more remote islands and some of her most beautiful landscapes. Indulge in your love of gardens and improve your knowledge of growing and garden wildlife plus discover the best homemade recipes including elderflower champagne and nasturtium vodka! As the BBC celebrates 80 years of televised and radio horticulture, join gardening experts with their hilarious tales of gardening on television and our very own celebrity Gardeners’ Question Time, as they help you celebrate the best of all things fun and floral!

Howie Watkins – BBCTV`s Really Wild Show; Chris Baines – BBCTV`s Countryfile, BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time & BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine; Andy Hamillton; BBC`s Today & Autumnwatch and best-selling author.

Find out more at www.cruiseandmarine.com.

New home for the Centre for Alternative Meteorology

The Centre for Alternative Meteorology (Neath) has moved to Teignmouth in Devon (UK). After some thought, we have decided that we should therefore change the name of this respected institution. Henceforth we will be known as, ‘The Centre for Alternative Meteorology.’ We are also in the process of moving and updating our website.